Welcome young Princes and Princesses to the Disney Academy of Magic, where the only limits to the endless possibilities are the ones you make yourself. I expect to see bright smiles on all of your faces throughout the year as you succeed in your endeavors, for we have the highest hopes for most of you here at the Academy. Enjoy the year and remember; The first rule of achievement is enchantment.

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Just thought of this,

If you have a link to Disney Academy on your page (which you should) please make sure you change it to the new DA page!



If you need to figure out what your characters did during the summer, you can post a short ‘catching up’ para detailing it, or just mention it if other characters ask about it.

If you need to figure out what happened with relationships during the summer, talk about it with your fellow RPers in ask boxes please!



Yes, you heard that right.

Don’t panic! If you wish to continue on with this RP, you can do so by messaging ‘-your character name-, present!' to this account—[New DA]. 

Basically this is happening because, as you’ve noticed, we’ve been a bit dead for a while now. We wanted to revamp, but the old account is filled with old characters who have left us and posts that are no longer relevant. The easiest way to get back on our feet, in our opinion, was to create a new account.

Clean away the rubble and build a new house. I’m poetic, aren’t I?

If you wish to keep your character with DA, simply message the new account. YOU MUST BE ACTIVE. (Note: By active, we mean posting TEXT posts and PARAs every week, not just pictures. Interact with people!) We have been crazy lax lately, but that’s stopping. We will be accepting new people and advertising, so hopefully we’ll be back to our glory days in no time! 

It is important to note two things, one being that if there are characters who don’t join (namely, all the ones that have already left) in the new DA they will not have existed.

What this means:

Alright here is an example: if we had a Belle and a Beast (which we don’t) in our current DA but only Belle decided to keep on and message the new account, she would from then on RP as if she had never met Beast. This is Beast’s choice not to join. This means that a new person can join DA as Beast, and not have a weighty history with Belle that they know absolutely nothing about. 

Basically, your character has never met any of the people who have left us. This just makes it easier for new people to join, thus making DA a thriving RP once more.

The second thing, is to allow for more time to be spent at DA, we are knocking everyone back a year. This means if your character was in their 11th year this year, they are now in their 10th. We are doing this because there will be a TIME SKIP.

When you start RPing after DA re-opens, it will be the beginning of a new school year. Thus, everything that has been RPed so far will have taken place in the last school year. So, say you thought your character was in their senior year, they weren’t. They were in their Junior year, and will be starting their senior year anew. 

IF YOU HAVE QUESTIONS, PLEASE ASK THEM! WE WANT YOU GUYS TO COME ALONG AND REVITALIZE OUR AWESOME RP! Also, if you wanted to change anything about your character, minor details, face claim, anything like that, now would be the time to do it.

SO ONCE AGAIN, if you wish to keep on with DA, simply message ‘-your character name’, present!' to THIS ACCOUNT. ie. ‘Belle, present!’. That’s it, folks.

This account. This one. The one that is linked here. CLICK THIS, DAMN IT. 

ATTN: If you do not let us now you want to stay on within 48 hours, your role will be opened. If you see this message after that time, you can re-apply by sending in an application.

ladiesdonotstartfights whispered, "Bonjour Academy! I was wondering if myself, along with a few others (Buzz, Alice, Jim, Morph, and Woody-perhaps a few more) could do a yearbook? It'd mainly focus on the senior, but all year groups will be included, of course."

You can do what you’d like, dear Marie. If you’d like to distribute it to all students, just give us a heads up and we’ll see if we can give it our stamp of approval.

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Anonymous whispered, "you're actually updating? what is this fuckery?"

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(Chip N) Dale Application 

Accepted! Send in your account! (:

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Chip (N Dale) Audition 

Awesome! Send in your link ASAP! :)

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Little Bo Peep Application 

Accepted! Send in your link!

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Tiana Application  

FC change is totally cool. Account please.

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